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McGill Daily kills 10,000 Trees to Print 6,000 Copies of Climate Change Special Issue

October 6, 2019|Lots of views|

The McGill Daily's printing facility. Source: our editor's vague memory

In a bid to raise awareness about the ongoing climate crisis, the McGill Daily has decided to kill 10,000 trees to print 6,000 copies of their climate change special, a big hit among all 40 of its readers.

“We printed thousands of pages and left them in a huge stack in the doorway of New Rez for people to glance at as they walk by. We even wrote a 10 page article about deforestation, which took an extra 2 dead trees per issue. What could have gone wrong?” the editors said in an exclusive interview with the Nightly. When asked about the fact that nobody reads newspapers anymore, especially student run ones, the editors just stared blankly.

At press time, 97% of the copies printed had been thrown into the garbage. However, 250 issues have been thrown in the compost, a small victory for the Daily.
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