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Beautiful Drone Photo Of McGill Begs Question, "When The Hell Was This Taken?"

November 3, 2019|Lots of views|

The leaked photo of campus McGill is expected to post next year. Source: U1 CompSci student who hacked into Minerva.

In a Facebook post celebrating their new world university ranking of 49th (completely oblivious they fell from 35th last year) McGill posted a gorgeous photo of the campus.
Upon seeing the photo, the entire student body collectively asked “When the hell was this taken?”

Students were wildly confused by the presence of grass on lower field, which in real life is a muddy swamp inhabited by seagulls and quidditch players.
Next to the grassy field a striking absence of construction continued to befuddle the students as they wondered whether this was actually their campus, or the fabled wonderland “Harvard” everyone keeps talking about.

The students’ confusion quickly turned to outrage when they noticed clear signs of photoshopping in the picture, such as smiling students, a sight which no McGillian had ever seen before.
Moreover, the McGill ghetto was visible in the background of the photo, where sober students can be seen eating food that isn’t Chef on Call.
And finally, as if to rub salt in our wounds, the photoshoppers included a sanitary samosa sale, inaccurate for more reasons than one.

At press time, Concordia University posted their propaganda drone photo, a photo of the real McGill.
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