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McGill Students Realize Selling Feet Pics More Lucrative Than Their Arts Degrees

Submitted by Julia A

21/11/2021|So many views|
If the shoe fits, then take it off and take a picture and sell it online. Source: OnlyFeet.com
If the shoe fits, then take it off and take a picture and sell it online. Source: OnlyFeet.com

The unfortunate reality is that arts students graduating this spring have little prospects for future employment. The majority of students will be blaming Covid for the lack of opportunities to get their feet wet in their industries. They were unlikely to land an internship anyway. This, in combination with the looming post graduation quarter life crisis is causing young adults to look for a way out of the dark. Luckily for them, there’s light at the end of the tunnel: the foot photo selling business.

In a market where a picture of a singular toe is worth more than an hour of minimum wage labour, McGill female students have been left to question everything they once knew. A quick google search will have the average clueless individual suddenly filled with knowledge about the lucrative business that is the foot industry. From big to small, from painted to unpainted, from arched to flatfoot, there is truly something for everyone. This is capitalism.

While the average barista is making a measly $14 an hour, your local Montreal foot connoisseur is raking in a minimum of $30 per photo. Minimum. Student debt, alcohol expenses and Prozac prescriptions need to be looked after. Nicotine addictions don’t just pay for themselves. Male McGill finance majors who voted conservative this past election may declare this form of entrepreneurship “immoral” or “unethical” while simultaneously bidding up the price of a lone toe. One might beg the question, Is engaging in a little foot play truly less ethical than becoming a corporate lawyer? Or a politician? Or better yet, a police officer? In reality, means of production (i.e. feet) DO, in this case, belong to the workers. Marx would be swept off his feet.

Regardless of the potential criticism, many women seem unbothered and content with the hard-earned results of their side hustle. Camille K, a U2 student, stated to McGill Nightly, “I made a salary that will knock your socks off this year, and all of that was selling pictures of my feet. I haven’t had to worry about footing the bill in months!”

Next time the rent is due, or the bills need to be paid, don’t get cold feet about this lucrative field of employment. If your history degree won’t be getting you a job, might as well let your feet do the work for you. In this world, this little piggy doesn't just go to the market, she IS the market.

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