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Guest Article: Professor Wonders Why No One Comes to Her 2:30 AM Office Hours

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February 23|Lots of views|

The inviting hallway that leads to Professor Roland’s office. Source: Not a student going to her office hours.

23rd floor of Burnside Hall- Professor Beatrice Roland made the shocking announcement that no student has come to her 2:30-3:30 AM office hours. “I just don’t understand,” explained Professor Roland. “I try to make my office hours work for everybody. I host them twice a week from 2:30-3:30 AM, but no one ever shows up. Shouldn’t students still be awake from the amount of course work I give them? What’s the deal?” When we asked when was the last time she had seen a student during office hours, she told us it was three years ago. However, the student turned out to be first year student Parker Manning, delirious from a high fever, who had stumbled into the wrong building while searching for the McGill Clinic.

We pressed Professor Roland for her opinion as to why attendance has been so low, but she was baffled. “What’s so hard about coming to my office hours?” she asked, “All you have to do is come to a building you’ve never heard of, in a part of campus you’ve never been to, take the elevator up to a seemingly abandoned floor, navigate the labyrinth of furniture barricades, find office 321 amongst a sea of non-sequentially numbered doors and voila, you’re there.”
We asked a few more professors for their opinion on the situation, but despite McGill’s faculty’s sterling reputation for being in tune with the feelings and experiences of students, they were unable to explain the situation.

In a different survey on TA office hours, asking whether students had gone or not, 100% of students reported not knowing what a TA was.
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