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Blurry Pictures of Corona Bottles On White Guys' Snapchat Stories Still Totally Hilarious

April 19|Lots of views|

We would have thought up a caption for this if we could’ve stopped laughing for a second. Source: Every Steven Francis on the face of the Earth.

Tastefully noting the similarity between the name of a popular beer and the pandemic ravaging the world, local student Steven Francis caused the whole world to laugh uncontrollably as he posted a blurry picture of a bottle of Corona, captioned simply, “guess I’m gonna die now.” Steven’s creative and original joke brought many people out of a deep depression caused by weeks of social isolation, proving that blurry pictures of Corona bottles on white guys’ Snapchat stories is still totally hilarious.

Steven’s picture captured the perfect angle and lighting of the bottle, making this joke as uproarious as it was all 2 million times other people made it. The joke is so consistently funny that our reporters fear that use of this joke will only add to the virus’ death toll as millions of innocent victims die of laughter.

In a subsequent statement, Director-General of WHO Tedros Adhanom said, “the virus is a very serious thing; however, since laughter is the best medicine, Steve Francis is the world’s best doctor. Sit back, enjoy a Corona (Beer), and laugh at the joke that never gets old.”

At press time, the novel Budweiservirus infected patient zero in Germany, paving the way for a new genre of jokes that will never get old.
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