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McGill Announces Fall Semester in Person, Asks Incoming Freshmen to Pay Tuition Up Front

28/02/2021|A ton of views|
What Fall Semester is in.
What Fall Semester is in.

Students were euphoric as Vice-Provost Christopher Manfredi reluctantly announced that the Fall semester will be in person, and oh, also, if incoming freshmen could pay their tuition and non-refundable fees too, that would be swell. The email update from the prestigious McGill administration announced that “All buildings that do not net us an immediate profit by being open will be closed, because student wellbeing is a top concern for us. The cesspool that is Upper Rez, however, will remain open, because Upper Rez is where it’s at.”

They continued their statement by saying, “Since supporting local businesses during these trying times is our top priority in addition to student wellbeing, we will be opening the Subway in the basement of the Arts building, but keeping the Arts building closed to keep students safe.” They also announced that spectators would be allowed back into varsity sports games, since fans have already been socially distancing from the games for years.

At press time, every fourth year student was wondering whether there would be OAP.

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