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BREAKING: Management Student Huge Douchebag

September 22, 2019|Lots of views|

Quincy's new living room, currently under renovation. Source: a poor arts student.

Although people who met him during frosh thought he was "kind of cool", they were quickly proven wrong when U0 management student Chad Quincy (an avid Zeta Psi member) showed up to the first class of BUSA 250 wearing a suit and talking incessantly about Jordan Belfort.

Quincy spent his first few weeks at McGill adding everyone he met on LinkedIn, joining the executive board of every club on campus, and relentlessly mocking arts students.

For the winter semester, Quincy has decided to end his McGill ghetto lease early and live full time in the Bronfman Building, where he will survive off a sustenance of profit margins and Excel spreadsheets.

At press time, he was spotted mocking a kindergartner, making fun of the child’s course load of shapes and colours, saying the child would “never get a job in the real world.”
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