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BREAKING: McGill Nightly Announces They No Longer Accept Paid Sponsorships

20/04/2021|A ton of views|
An example of the paid sponsorship we will no longer be accepting. Source: <a href="https://chef-on-call-merchandise.myshopify.com/collections/clothing/products/chef-x-mcgill-nightly-crewneck-collab" target="_blank">CHEF x McGill Nightly Crewneck Collab</a>
An example of the paid sponsorship we will no longer be accepting. Source: CHEF x McGill Nightly Crewneck Collab

The McGill Nightly announced its new policy that it will no longer be accepting paid sponsorships, sources from the McGill Nightly confirmed. The editor of the Nightly made the announcement while wearing a super-cool, ultra comfortable Nightly X Chef on Call crewneck sweater.

In an exclusive email interview with the Nightly, they said, "Here at the Nightly, we like to keep our content fresh, fresh like the delicious food served at Chef on Call. For this reason, we will no longer be accepting sponsored articles. Unlike lowbrow publications in Montreal, such as our proud sponsors MTLBlog and the McGill Daily, we at the Nightly hold ourselves to higher standards. Although we would love to tell our readers about how comfortable our new Chef X Nightly Sweaters are, we recognize it would be completely immoral for us to tell you they are the coolest sweaters ever. We mean, you wouldn't believe how funny and relevant the content at www.mcgillnightly.ca is, or how delicious the food at Chef on Call is. And unfortunately you never will, because we can’t tell you.”

We reached out to real students to hear their opinions on the Nightly’s decision. In an interview with U1 student Amanda Collins, she said, “Honestly, it’s kind of weird that they don’t want to promote their top-notch crewneck collab with Chef on Call, but to each their own. Also, it’ll be weird when the Nightly will be the only influencers I follow who will never claim to absolutely love their RayCons!”

It is rumoured that the announcement will cost the Nightly millions of dollars, as they are ultra-popular and a highly sought after advertisement platform. However, the McGill Nightly team was too busy eating juicy Chef on Call burgers and crispy Chef on Call Fries to check their balance sheets.

When reached out to for additional comment, the editor of the Nightly was too busy taking advantage of Chef On Call’s amazing 4/20 deal of $1 chicken tenders (using promo code TENDERBENDER) to reply.

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