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Job market dried up? Here are some projects to sink your teeth into this summer.

May 3|Lots of views|

This TOTALLY could have been you this summer. Source: The parallel universe where there is no coronavirus (and you have friends).

It has been brought to our attention here at the Nightly that many of you had exciting summer plans lined up. Internships. Summer jobs. Getting laid. As you know, none of these will be available to you anytime soon. So instead, here are a few gigs and money-making opportunities you can still land this summer:
  1. Start a podcast – Because out of all 7 billion people on Earth, your perspective is QUIRKY, and you should be HEARD.

  2. Instagram challenges – Tell your followers about all your favorite obscure indie artists, like Mac Demarco or Rex Orange County.

  3. Be a little self-aware and admit you have family money anyways (you know who you are).

  4. Shit on people’s doorsteps if they’re out protesting the lockdown.

  5. Work at the SQDC – You won’t get any discounts. But once you see the types of people who line up to buy weed, you might never want to get high again!

  6. Run for President of the United States - Please. Anyone else. For the love of God. You don’t even need any skills or experience. But if you have skills/experience, you might want to.

  7. Work for The McGill Nightly - Who knows? Send your CV to our email and we might let you do some mindless repetitive labour.
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