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Man Walks Into 'Chef On Call' at 2AM, Orders Salad

29/03/2019|A ton of views|

Witnesses looked on in awe as a clearly non-inebriated man walked into the comfort food eatery Chef On Call late at night and ordered a salad. The order caused mass pandemonium in the kitchen, with multiple workers throwing melanges of vegetables into the deep-fryer, praying for this mysterious 'salad' to be created.

Apparently, the only staff member educated in the art of salad making was not present, as he was stuck in the New Residence Hall lobby for 3 hours, waiting for a student to pick up their meal.

The manager eventually bought a salad from Freshii and repackaged it, a solution that caused the chaos to quickly subside.

The McGill Nightly reached out to the chef for further comment, but he was not on call.

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