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Napkin Company 'McGill Daily' to Shut Down Following Ban of Samosa Sales

October 27, 2019|Lots of views|

As of October 22nd, no longer the average McGill student's sustenance. Source: That Damn Inspector

Following the upsetting decision of the Quebec health services to ban samosa sales on campus, the famed samosa napkin company The McGill Daily announced that it would cease all operations immediately. The McGill Daily had become the most popular samosa napkin on campus, differentiating itself by decorating its napkins with lies and unfunny jokes.

This news hit the student body especially hard, so we sent our reporters to interview some hungry students.
"Sure I could get the same samosas at pretty much any Indian restaurant in the city, but I don't think they would taste as good if I don't get to also read a grease stained article about how Movember is actually evil toxic masculinity", U2 student Samantha Carter explained in an interview with the Nightly.

This news was especially disappointing for the varsity team renaming committee, who was about to announce the new name: ‘The McGill Samosas’. Following the hefty fine, however, the entire athletics program is expected to be bankrupted, a huge relief for the renaming committee.

At press time, the Quebec food safety inspector was seen running from the Burnside Hall basement with both hands full of samosas.
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