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NFT of Cafe Campus Ticket Sells For $2 Million

Co-written by Julia Ain

08/12/2021|So many views|
80 dollars worth of tickets, or $12.6 million worth of NFTs of tickets. Source: Cafe Campus.
80 dollars worth of tickets, or $12.6 million worth of NFTs of tickets. Source: Cafe Campus.

McGill students were in hysteria as tickets for the first Cafe Campus event since 2020 sold out within minutes, Flashbacks from the RVC floor 11 casino soon emerged as feverish bidding for the valuable tickets began to take place. The resale market saw tickets sell for two to three times the initial ticket price. The frenzy hit a fever pitch when an NFT of a ticket for the Cafe Campus event sold for $2.2 million CAD, or in the words of the average Cafe Campus goer, 1.1 million meals from 2Chow.

Although the NFT is identical in appearance to the real Cafe Campus tickets, it maintained no functionality as a ticket to the actual event. Regardless, while the resellers were making 200-300% ROIs on their actual tickets, one finance student was able to make an infinite ROI and retire on this single NFT sale. After much persistence, the Nightly got an exclusive comment from the seller, newly-retired U3 student Jake Welton. “At the end of the day, this NFT is better than a real ticket to the event. If you had hoped to escape your seasonal depression with a Tuesday night fixture of Madonna and Shania Twain, you’d just be disappointed when all you do is spend the night dodging spilled beer and gonorrhea on the dance floor. Instead, you can just pay $2 million, and have a line of code no one can see or understand,” Jake commented before going on a three hour rant about how the current financial system is dead.

This bubble can be attributed to 5th year McGill students’ intense nostalgia for the Cafe Campus man and getting fingered by a stranger on a bar stand. Observers suspect that the McGill Caucasian community fears the loss of opportunities to belt out a tone-deaf rendition of The Killers’ hit single, ‘Mr Brightside’. Furthermore, few establishments can compete with the level of classiness, elegance and refinement of Justin Trudeau’s favourite nightlife spot. First and second year students remain confused by the fuss. Students should stay alert for future investment opportunities , as who knows what chaos may ensue when Igloofest tickets are released.

The McGill Nightly scored another interview with successful bidder Jessica H, a U3 Arts student. “After bidding with multiple people on the McGill 2018-2019 entering class Facebook page, I was able to grab an NFT ticket for only $2.8 million dollars, a complete steal!” However, Jessica declined to comment on whether she had plans to pay her student loans.

At press time, Jessica was being denied entry because her NFT of a ticket was not actually a ticket.

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