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McGill Daily Voted Funniest Satire Newspaper on Campus

January 26|Lots of views|

Yet another gleeful reader of the hilarious McGill Daily. Source: A disappointed McGill Nightly editor.

Despite our valiant efforts, the McGill Daily has won the title of ‘Funniest Satire Publication on Campus’. The Daily narrowly beat us to claim the coveted spot. In the same vote, SSMU was named ’Funniest Satire Government Institution’.

The Daily was so admirably committed to their satirical tone that during our interview with them they continued to be their funny selves, giving us golden lines such as “No, we’re not a satire newspaper, we’re a real newspaper!” and “We cover issues accurately and in an unbiased fashion.” The Nightly indeed has much to learn from this brilliant satirical news outlet.

The Daily brings glee and cheer to every corner of campus, being such a funny newspaper that most students don’t even read it for fear that they die laughing. However, the Daily is funny enough that just glancing at the stack of unread papers in the basement of Shulich Library is enough to elicit laughter. The paper is so beloved that every McGill student happily opts to give the Daily $6 a year to keep this beacon of hilarity in their lives.

“The Konkordia Dayly” was also nominated for funniest satire, but was disqualified due to their excessive grammatical and spelling mistakes.
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