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McGill Grants Two Back-to-Back Reading Weeks to Compensate for Fall Semester

March 15|Lots of views|

Two more weeks of this! Source: Graciously and altruistically given to us by the McGill administration.

In a routine move of kindness and care for its student body, McGill's prestigious administration announced two reading weeks to occur back-to-back starting March 14. However, McGill didn’t issue the reading weeks immediately after the most recent one. Instead, they were kind enough to let all the students, who had just returned from all over the world from their first reading week, have time to see each other, kiss each other, shake hands, high five, hug, and make out before giving them their additional two reading weeks.

McGill's quick and decisive action to close the school for the two reading weeks preempted everyone except for a few small schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, NYU and the NHL. With this decision, McGill joins other organizations granting reading weeks, such as the NBA, who decided to give their players 16 back-to-back reading weeks, presumably for their players to brush up on all the playbooks. Italy even went so far as to give their entire population an indefinitely long reading week.

McGill was so determined to give their students time off that they closed the library to ensure no one would even dare to study, one of the 17 Associate-Deputy-Vice-Provosts announced. As soon as the McGIll students on exchange heard about these sudden acts of kindness, they were so excited that they immediately flew back from their programs so they could enjoy the coveted reading weeks.

At press time, the McGill administration was celebrating their altruism by drinking a popular mexican beer.
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