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Guest Article: Signing of Declaration of Academic Integrity Convinces Student to Not Cheat

Submitted by Griffin Schwartz

December 16|Lots of views|

Gabriel frowns as he realizes he will not be able to cheat. Source: A reddit mod, invigilating McGill exams.

McGill student Gabriel Cunningham was all set to cheat on his final exam last Friday, but was given pause when confronted with the Declaration of Academic Integrity.

Cunningham said that he had no idea that he would have to sign such a declaration. “I was totally caught off guard,” he said. He was committed to fraudulently obtaining a perfect grade, despite not having attended any classes and not learning anything throughout the course.

But something just didn’t sit right with him when it came to lying about it.

“When I sat there and read the entire document word for word, I realized that it just wouldn’t be right to promise that I was submitting my own work, when in reality I would be submitting the work of some guy I paid online. I may be a cheater, but I’m not a liar,” Cunningham told reporters.

He ended up writing the exam himself. “If I fail, I fail, but at least I’ll know that I kept my integrity. Retaking the class won’t be a problem anyways, they always offer Art of Listening”.
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