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SURVEY: Over 85% of McGill Students Mistakenly Believe Class is Useful During Add-Drop

12/09/2021|A ton of views|
What classrooms should look like during the add-drop period. Source: McGill, we wish.
What classrooms should look like during the add-drop period. Source: McGill, we wish.

Over 85% of McGill students believed that going to class during the add-drop period was “mandatory”, “useful”, and “important”, an in-class survey conducted by the McGill Nightly concluded last Thursday. “These poor students are getting misled and misinformed day after day” the honourable Provost Chris Buddle said in an interview with the Nightly. “First they get convinced that spending 1400$ a month to live in Rez is a worthwhile investment, then they get conned into going to class during the add-drop period.” he ranted. “Just wait until they find out that all of their undergrad degrees are scams as well,” the Nightly overheard Chris Buddle muttering.

The Nightly’s survey found that students weren’t the only ones falling victim to this evil scheme. Six out of every ten McGill professors reported showing up to their own classes during add-drop period, insisting that it is crucial that they be present to read their own syllabus five times in a row. Only 40% of professors were wise enough to delegate everything to their TAs so they could spend an extra three weeks doing nothing.

The deception did not stop in the classroom. Herds of 3rd and 4th year students were seen aimlessly wandering around Lower Field, deceived into believing McGill students were still allowed to have fun. Even the first years were conned out of fun by being led to believe that this year's frosh would be a good experience.

We administered the same survey with the Concordia student body as well, but most were unfamiliar with the concept of “class”.

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